About Fat Fluffs

Fat Fluffs is a rabbit rescue and sanctuary based in Hampton in Arden in the West Midlands. We take in all sorts of rabbits and as far as possible we find them loving forever homes. For those with more challenging personalities or continuing health problems we provide sanctuary for them here and they stay as part of the family.


Welcome to our Fat Fluffs Website and thank you for visiting.


We would like to start by introducing ourselves. We are a core team of 7, 4 of us are trustees - Chloe, Sarah B, Sarah H and Jackie - Adam is our site manager, Lisa our volunteer supervisor and Ev manages the rescue at the weekend - but more importantly we are bunny mad friends who share a passion for seeing unwanted and neglected rabbits find love and the forever homes they deserve. 

The Fat Fluffs Team

Chloe - Founder of Fat Fluffs and Volunteer Co-ordinator


Hi, I’m Chloe with the desperately important title of founder of Fat Fluffs or more commonly chief poopa-scoopa! I grew up with bunnies but it wasn’t until I brought Effie and Jess from a farm in August 2005 and started looking into bunnies that I realised how many of them are unloved and unwanted.

I did some volunteer work at a local rescue, then fostered for about a year and it wasn't long before I realised that this was something I wanted to do myself. I couldn't do it alone though so I asked five friends I had met along the way over the past three years if they would like to be a part of Fat Fluffs. All five said yes and in July 2008 we officially became Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue. Since then so many changes have taken place, including the core team, but the most important thing is that so many bunnies have found safety and loving new homes through the hard work of everyone committed to our vision.

Outside of the bunnies I am an aircraft engineer, wife to a very understanding husband & committed Christian with great friends (see following) & family. 


Sarah H - Liaison Officer 

sarah H

Hi I’m Sarah H and I have the Liaison and Child Protection role in Fat Fluffs. I make sure the young volunteers and helpers who work with us here are working in a safe way, acting on any concerns young people may have and ensuring the team have a first point of contact for help and advice. My other Fat Fluffs work is as general liaison within the team, home-checker for Worcestershire and helping with events on this side of the region.

I adopted Liberty and Boden from Fat Fluffs in February 2009 after losing a much loved pair of rescue buns. I was so impressed with the professionalism and the caring ethics of the charity that I decided I wanted to volunteer and help support the charity.I have adored and kept rabbits for over 30 years and home isn't home without some rabbits. Our two bunnies are referred to at home as our 'Fluffington Buns". They have a happy and busy life with my long suffering husband Gary and I, and we all count ourselves very lucky to be part of the Fat Fluff family.


Jackie - Re-homing Co-ordinator 


I originally met the Fat Fluffs team when I adopted a pair of naughty Rexes following the loss of my lovely older pair of rabbits. I was impressed with the team's commitment to doing the best for rabbits so I started fostering and helping at events.

The next thing I know they were filling my garden with foster rabbits and making me walk round dressed as a giant rabbit at events!

As my day job I work in the NHS and, when the bunnies aren't keeping me busy, I enjoy going to church, walking, cycling, reading, exploring new places with my husband and am always up for a new challenge. Sadly my lovely Rexes have since binkied free, but I continue to share my house with a variety of rabbits am proud to be part of the Fat Fluffs team.


Sarah B - Social Media and Event Co-ordinator

sarah b

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I met Chloe in 2008 through a mutual friend who thought I might enjoy cuddling bunnies, the next thing I know I’m getting a hutch for Christmas off Chloe and I have 7 baby foster rabbits in my garden :-O

As time has gone by I have become more involved in the charity and played various roles over the years.  Currently I look after our sponsor a bun project and help out in other areas where needed.

I do not have any rabbits of my own but as an animal lover in general I have 2 well-loved cats. 



 Adam - Site Co-ordinator 

Hey my name is Adam, I currently work as the site manager for Fat Fluffs.

Fresh out of university in July 2014 I came across Fat Fluffs whilst looking for job opportunities and after a bit of research about the organisation I was excited to see the amazing work they were doing and wanted to see if I could help in any way. After emailing Sarah and Chloe I was offered an interview and eventually asked to join the team. Since starting I have been able to meet some amazing people and learn about the welfare and care of rabbits.

Prior to working for Fat Fluffs I studied a degree in Zoology with Herpetology at Bangor University and worked within Rodbaston animal college as a Animal Keeper. My past work in the animal husbandry career has led me to a passion for all aspects of animal care including being an avid reptile keeper and taking an interest in animal medicine.

Since starting I have had many great opportunities and felt welcomed into the Fat Fluffs family.


Kathryn - Medical Care Co-ordinator

Hi, I’m Kathryn and I have just taken on the important role of the rabbits Medical Care Coordinator.  I grew up with animals as we often ended up taking in neighbours and friends pets during the holidays. I always wanted some bunnies of my own but felt that I did not have the space that they needed for a long term home.  In 2011 I moved house and finally had the space to offer, but when researching bunnies to adopt I realised how many of them are sat in recuses waiting for their forever homes.

I found and started volunteering for Fat Fluffs and became a fosterer for about 5 years before deciding that I wanted to work with animals full time.

I am now in charge of administering the various medications that our long term bunnies require, liaising with the vets for neutering and vaccinations, and looking after the health of all the rabbits in the rescue. 

I have learnt so much in my time working for Fat Fluffs and I hope to bring my background of medical research to the rescue to improve the care that our rabbits receive during their stay with us.  


Lisa - On Site Volunteer Mentor


Hi, my name is Lisa

I volunteered for Fat Fluffs when studying animal care at college. I was amazed at the amount of unwanted and neglected rabbits that came through the doors and the fact that many were kept in tiny enclosures and they were so misunderstood. As a devoted animal lover this was very upsetting. I was, and still am, deeply touched at the care, commitment and dedication the Fat Fluffs team show towards these beautiful sensitive creatures, that I have come to love.

I was offered a part-time position as a health carer for the rabbits and volunteers on site and felt welcomed into the Fat Fluffs family and I see them as my second family. At my time at Fat Fluffs I have met some amazing people who have become great friends and so many bunnies re-homed which is great. Over time the team at Fat Fluffs saw how dedicated I was to the volunteers and how much I appreciated all they do for the rescue and the bunnies that they put me in charge of mentoring the volunteers and ensuring that they get the best out of their time with us as well as ensuring the bunnies get the best too.

In my spare time I am studying wildlife rehabilitation Level 3 and help out at a local wildlife rescue. I often take in baby birds to feed throughout the night. I'm also interested in many Animal Welfare issues including promoting neutering, microchipping, cruelty issues and rescue work of all animals.



Our Weekend Team 


hannahHannah is our weekend site manager and, along with Charlotte and Jackie, they keep the rescue bouncing along on Saturday and Sunday so if you visit or call us at the weekend these are the faces to accompany the cheerful voice that greets you!!

Hannah is a music teacher, Charlotte an accountant and Jackie a health nurse so all have very busy lives and we greatly appreciate the time they give us and the rabbits.

We are open between 10:00 and 14:00 at the weekend and Hannah and Jackie are always more than happy to show you round and chat bunnies during this time and if you start volunteering with us Charlotte will show you the ropes!



There are currently 67,000+ unwanted rabbits in rescues across the country and every rescue seems to have a never ending waiting list of bunnies to come in. We take in all the rabbits we can, as far as space allows, with the aim of ensuring they are physically and emotionally well, neutered, vaccinated and rehomed to forever homes.

This is our main aim and we spend a lot of our time running to and fro from our vets, emailing future adopters, carrying out homechecks and keeping in touch with our rehomed buns. Unfortunately not all the rabbits that come into Fat Fluffs are able to be rehomed. Some come to us with ongoing health issues that demand a lot of time and extensive vet bills that would be too much for a future home to take on; others come in with emotional issues that mean they are not well enough to me rehomed either. We love these bunnies as much as the healthy ones and we do not believe in putting any rabbit to sleep while they can still have a quality of life.

As a result we are also a developing sanctuary offering a home with love and care for as long as the individual rabbit needs it. The permanent Fat Fluff bunnies are bonded into a group and they have a large secure garden to free range in. They are a great group of bunnies who work well together and accept newcomers easily; due to illnesses the group is constantly changing and they are fascinating characters to spend time with. They love visitors and those coming armed with treats are more than welcomed!!


Fat Fluffs was awarded charity status in July 2008 and not only are we a core team of 7 but we also have an amazing team of people who support us by fostering, fundraising, helping us out on events and by coming to our base and helping us out with cleaning and cuddling; we could not manage without them.

There are so many ways you could help if you would like to give any of your time then please do have a look at our "donate" page or get in touch with us at volunteer@fatfluffs.com - any help is always greatly appreciated.       


Please have a look round our website and if you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

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Telephone: 07737 218035. E-mail: team@fatfluffs.com