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HQ - Positions

We are looking to build up our regular team of volunteers at Fat Fluffs Hq in Hampton in Arden. We have an amazing team but the increasing number of bunnies coming in with increasing health care requirements means we are being stretched. If you would be interested in becoming a part of the team please have a look at the vaccancies below and complete the relevant form and we will be in touch soon.


Our new Sponsor a Bun scheme gives you the opportunity to sponsor one of our Fat Fluff resident buns. 

It costs just £24 a year to sponsor one of our bunnies, £2 a month, or become a general sponsor for £60 a year, £5 a month. All sponsor money for these buns will go directly towards their medical bills and vaccinations.

If you would like to support any of these bunnies then please email and we will get your sponsorship organised with you.

Payment can be made online (via a bank transfer), by cheque in the post or by standing order. Further details will be sent to you by e-mail once you have contacted us. Every penny makes a difference and makes the vet bills for these gorgeous buns that little bit easier on the rescue.

Sponsorship will include a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Mike or Michael for when he is being cheeky, is a real fun character in the Fat Fluffs group. He is really starting to come through as a bunny leader within the group, although the girls usually take charge. He is great friends with some of the strong minded female buns, and has a sweet spot for Natasha. The pair are usually up to mischief together and just love each other's company.

Mike is one of our ‘toothy buns’ who has dental issues which require regular trips to the rabbit dentist. We have several other buns with similar problems so he fits in well as a sanctuary bun. He is the worst of our toothy buns and has many teeth which cause him problems but he doesn't let that get him down. He is a really jolly boy and is always bouncing around.

He is a confident, outgoing bun who loves to explore the garden at his own leisure. He is a real foodie, always getting his nose into the treats and pushing his way into the food bowl. If there's goodies to be had he will race right over. Although he does need to start watching his waistline.


£24 a year or £2 a month

Sponsorship includes a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Shuri is a funny bun, she gets over excited easily and goes into a crazy bunny moment; racing around, shaking her bum and doing a little wiggle. Shuri loves being around people and especially loves nose rubs. She is a really daft bun with tones of personality. She hates to think she's missing out on anything and is always the first one to charge over to see what's going on. She never fails to put a smile on your face with her funny quirks.

Having been abandoned by her previous owner and left with family members who were not prepared to take on rabbits, we took her in. Shuri came to us with a skin complaint and mites which we treated. However, after going in for a routine spay, she came back to us behaving unusually. After sexing Shuri again we found that she in fact had both male and female parts which confused both us and the vets. With the option of putting her through a third surgery to explore whether there is a hidden testicle we decided this would be too invasive. Due to the difficulty of bonding her with a single rabbit and the potential risk of testicular cancer in the future, she has joined the fat fluffs group. She also has some dental issues so she will sometimes accompany our other toothy buns to the rabbit dentist.

Shuri is a friendly bun, she enjoys attention and loves being around the other fluffs.  Shuri is a lively girl who loves adventuring in the garden and trying out new things. She loves food and will race over if she thinks you have some, demanding that you share it with her.

SAB Shuri 1.jpg
SAB Shuri.jpg

£24 a year or £2 a month

Sponsorship includes a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Micky is an absolute sweetheart, he loves people and bunnies and has such a happy and optimistic outlook on life! He loves his food and cuddling up with the other bunnies as well as playing in and eating the leaves in the garden. 

Micky has joined the Fat Fluffs group partly due to his hard to maintain, but beautiful, fur and partly because we suspect he might have neurological issues and poor eye sight as well. He sometimes gets himself in ait of a tizz and spins in circles but, since we have clipped his fur back from his eyes, he seems to right himself quicker. 


He is a funny bunny to watch as he does his sideways gallop across the garden with his fur blowing in the breeze and we love having him as part of our bunny group.



£24 a year or £2 a month

Sponsorship includes a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Polly is an independent girl, she likes to do her own thing, spending much of her time out in the garden and lounging in the sunshine. She loves being with all the other fluffs and is a real girls girl, spending most of her time with the other sassy females buns; Natasha and Sheila.

Polly can be a bit shy around people, and is wary of strangers but being around the other Fluffs has made her feel more confident. She has made great improvements and will now come over for a treat and a bit of fuss. Although she is very particular about her treats, unlike most rabbits she doesn't have a sweet tooth, often putting her nose up at fruit, preferring a healthier hay-based treat option.

Polly has joined our Fat Fluffs family due to arthritis in her back legs which caused her much discomfort when she first arrived.This flares up now and again, particularly on colder days. It also means that she finds it difficult to groom right around her back end or lift her back legs when going to the toilet, so she gets some extra TLC at grooming time. She is now on on-going pain medication which does wonders for her and she loves leaping around the garden and hiding on the shelves in the shed.


£24 a year or £2 a month

Sponsorship includes a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Mason joined our group of fluffs because he has a tendency to bite. Ankles, hands, whatever he can get his teeth into really when he's not in a good mood. He has jealousy issues and if you stroke his nose then stroke another bunny he will chase the other bunny off and throw his toys out the pram.

When settled he is happily part of the Fat Fluff group, happy to cuddle up with the others, especially in this cold weather and bounce around the garden. He loves his tunnels and hidey holes and is a nightmare to get out of them when he really doesn't want to go to bed!

Everybody loves a bunny with character and Mason is certainly that. A few volunteers have had to crack open the first aid box as a result of not being quick enough but fortunately they are very resilient and keep coming back and love him despite of this.


£24 a year or £2 a month

Sponsorship includes a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Bubble is another older lady but you wouldn’t know it from how she races about. She is an active bun who loves to explore and adventure out in the garden. Bubble can be a little feisty so she’s had a few moments with some of our other fiery girls but is doing well in the Fluffs.

She has some dental problems so is another one of our ‘toothy buns’ and joins them on the regular trips to the rabbit dentist. Bubble came in to us bonded with her pal Gus. Gus joined Bubble on the move to the Fat Fluffs garden to help her settle in and make new friends. Once Bubble was well established within the group we made the decision to rehome Gus as he had no health issues. Bubble has also had to have a kidney removed which is a massive ordeal for a little bun. After a routine trip to the vets found a lump, which at first viewing the xrays was thought to be a cyst, we booked her in to have it removed. However, once the op was under way, a blockage was discovered in her urethra which they suspected had caused the kidney to die. This was a really tough time for Bubble who needed a lot of support to get through but she has made a great recovery. It has since been confirmed as cancer but we are hopeful that having removed the kidney she will still have many years ahead of her back with the fluffs.


£24 a year or £2 a month

Sponsorship includes a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.