Jo - Staff

Bunny Keeper


Jo started as a volunteer with us in 2009 and then worked as chief poopa scoopa with us when we first started out, helping us get on our feet and taking care of the bunnies for a few years. Originally from Zambia Jo decided to head home for a while and spend some time working with a charity called Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust a sanctuary for chimpanzees in Zambia's Copperbelt Province.  The orphanage is home to other rescued animals such as baboons, vervet monkeys, parrots, antelopes, owls, buzzards, sheep, and peacocks  but Jo's passion was for the chimps.


On her return to the UK we met up as friends and having talked about her plans and plans for the rescue we approached her and asked if she would like to work with us again. Jo is now with us full time with us taking care of the rabbits; feeding, grooming, health checks, mucking out and whatever else is needed!