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KATHRYN - Volunteer

Medical Advisor

Hi, I’m Kathryn. I grew up with animals as we often ended up taking in neighbours and friends pets during the holidays. I always wanted some bunnies of my own but until I had moved to a home of my own I did not feel I had the space that they needed for a long term home.  When researching bunnies to adopt I realised how many of them are sat in recuses waiting for their forever homes.  It was then that I found and started volunteering for Fat Fluffs, quickly becoming a rabbit fosterer for many bunnies in need over 5 years, before deciding that I wanted to work with animals full time.

I took on the role of the medical care co-ordinator at Fat Fluffs and worked with them on a full time basis for 18months.  In February 2019 I was awarded a vet nurse placement and I am now in full time work / training to achieve my dream vocation.

I learnt so much in my time working for Fat Fluffs and, despite taking on a new role, I am still very passionate about the bunnies I spent so much time caring for.  I now am part of their medical advisory team and support the rabbits and Fat Fluffs team when they come to see us at the vets.

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