Jo - Volunteer

Sponsor a Bun Co-ordinator

Jo crossed paths with us in 2012 whilst looking for a local charity to donate food and hay to after losing her bunny to cancer. She was so impressed with our set up, bunny knowledge and commitment she decided she wanted to be part of our team. 


Six months later she joined our fostering team and fostered bunnies whilst they waited for their forever homes. Jo ended up failing in this and found herself keeping 2 who are very mischievous but much loved house bunnies.


Jo’s main role within the team is managing the ever expanding Sponsor a Bun scheme which helps support our long term bunnies here at Fat Fluffs. Alongside this she also supports Jackie by carrying out homechecks in her local area and supports Claire and Jocelyn by attending the occasional event - all which are very different from her full time job as an IT Trainer. 



T: 07737 218035


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