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Little Christmas Family

These four super cute and friendly little buns are Carol, Nicholas, Cole and Candy - can you spot the Christmas theme?!

These four bunnies were handed into us as a family unit; Nicholas (Daddy) Carol (Mummy) Candy (5months) Cole (3months) All the bunnies were fit and well but, because the previous owners felt Daddy was sad when he was away from Mummy, they had chosen to keep the rabbits together and as a result Carol has been pregnant almost every month for the whole of her two year life. Upon arrival and checking the rabbits over we felt Carol's tummy and believed she was pregnant again with not too long to go.

A vet scan confirmed she was expecting so we decided to put her and Candy into foster care so she could have her last litter in peace, away from the busyness of the rescue while Cole and Nicholas remained at HQ. The boys were neutered on the Wednesday and Candy on the Friday and, despite Nicholas eating his stitches, being put under again to be restitched and having to wear a cone for a few days, all the family are doing really well.

At nidnight on the 15th / 16th December Carol gave birth to three little ones and so far both she and the triplets are doing really well. She has built a great nest and seems to be feeding them well in-between racing round her foster home, both house and garden. She is an enthusiastic digger and there have been reports of a few rearrangements in the garden!

Candy has been reserved to go to her new home after Christmas and we are sure Nicholas and Cole won't be waiting too long either. Carol will remain with us until she is able to be neutered when her kits are 8weeks old and then she too will be looking for a home where she can be someone's baby.


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