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*Hoarding bunny fundraiser!*

Yesterday Fat Fluffs took in 10 bunnies that were rescued from a hoarding situation. We have 9 females and 1 male (there were 6 other males who may end up following) and we think that 4-6 of these buns are pregnant based on vet examination. All these rabbits will need to be cared for, be vaccinated and be neutered when ready. We will then look after any babies until they are ready to be rehomed. Taking on a big intake such as this means a huge rise in costs that will likely be ongoing as babies are born. Along with many others right now, we are still suffering the effects of the COVID-19 crisis (it's now been a year with minimal fundraising events) so we would really appreciate some help to cover the additional veterinary costs.

We will keep you updated on how the new buns get on and life with all the baby bunnies!

Thank you for all your ongoing support! Please share this fundraiser where possible


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