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ZOE Adopted 2010

Adopted by Sandra and Stuart Dec 2010

One Friday afternoon after returning home from work, we came across a rather wet and sorry looking rabbit in our garden. Attempts to find the owner came to nothing, so we unexpectedly became the owners of a bunny who became, in the absence of any sort of creativity on our part, Mr Bunny.

This name was quickly regretted by us when called out by the vets in a crowded surgery!

On reading what we should do with our new pet, we found that he should really have a bunny friend, so one internet search later, we contacted Chloe at Fat Fluffs and arranged a bunny date with Zoe (now Mrs Bunny, the light brown one on the pic shown).

It wasn’t love at first sight (more like bite and scratch at first sight…) but after just a couple of days, Mr and Mrs Bunny were like an old married couple! Like all good wives, Mrs Bunny gives the orders and Mr Bunny follows blindly in the hope of a quiet life!

Both bunnies have a very happy life and enjoy such worthwhile pastimes as eating Stuart’s herbs, avoiding the cat next door and chillaxing in their hutch. Watching the bunnies binky around the garden and run around like lunatics has quickly become our favourite pastime.


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