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What does EC mean?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

This handsome little man is Reuben!

When Reuben came in to us, the first thing we noticed was that he had a slight head tilt. He was also a little wobbly on his feet and not eating as much as we would have liked. When a bunny comes in with a head tilt there are 2 main culprits - ear infection or EC (also known as E. cuniculi). If you notice your bun showing signs of a head tilt it is best to check in with your vet. Both health issues are treatable but catching them early really helps as they can become very serious.

EC is a parasite that can affect rabbits and other species and unfortunately is fairly common. There are a wide range of symptoms to look out for which can make it difficult to spot. Some bunnies can carry the parasite with no issue and others can become very sick. The most common signs of infection are a head tilt, drinking/urinating more, losing control of urinating, uncontrollable spinning or rolling and weakness in the back legs. The treatment for EC is a worming medication, most commonly panacur, and it is very effective with a 28 day course. Some buns will have a lasting physical sign,such as head tilt, after treatment but that usually doesn’t impinge upon quality of life. Some people do advocate for regular worming as they think it will stop a bun getting EC but this is not the case and can lessen the effectiveness of treatment via overuse.

Reuben is almost through his treatment course for EC and has made huge improvements! He has a lot more energy, has gained some weight and his tilt is barely noticeable. He is a lovely, friendly fellow who has been enjoying his time munching on the grass. Reuben still needs to see the bunny dentist but hopefully will be able to be rehomed soon after


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