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Now that the season is changing again and we are getting back to normal, we are once again completely full and bursting with bunnies! We lost a lot of our regular volunteers over this time and have relied on a small but amazingly dedicated team of volunteers who have turned up no matter what. But, as we have more buns in now, the work load is increasing and we need a helping hand in making sure everybun is healthy, happy, clean, socialised and having fun.

We are looking for people that can commit to one morning a week / fortnight to come in and help us out with the rabbits here. Whether you're handy with a screw driver, a camera or a dustpan and brush we would love to hear from you. There will be a lot of bunny cuddles with our long term residents and fun with fellow volunteers who enjoy just making a difference.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then please do get in touch by emailing


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