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TIGER-LILY Adopted 2009

Adopted by the Elaine July 2009

I decided to get Rafferty a friend after watching him follow our dog round the garden and thought he might be lonely and would love a rabbit friend! I discovered Fat Fluffs on the internet and got in touch. Soon after I brought Rafferty to be bonded with Tiger-Lily (on the right in the picture) and they hit it off straight away.

A week or so later and they began fighting, but with lots of perseverance and help from Fat Fluffs, they are now best friends! They follow each other round the garden and lay together and lick each other all the time. It's so nice to see them together, and now Lily has settled her mischievous side is coming through and the pair of them can often be found causing havoc in the flowerbeds! A big thanks to all at Fat Fluffs and especially Abi who has been there every step of the way.


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