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THE THREE 'F'S Adopted 2011

Adopted by Sandy March 2011

I adopted Ffion, Flump (now called Daisy) and Funky (now called Indya) in March this year and have had so much fun with them since then. They’re sisters and so were already bonded when I got them. They have very different personalities despite being from the same litter. Daisy (the tan one) is the smallest but clearly doesn’t know that, as she’s most definitely the

boss. Ffion (the white one) is the most active and loves to run around. Indya (the black one) is very laid back and much quieter than the other two and is just super cuddly and has the most fantastic lion head mane. They live outdoors in a large hutch with a big run, and just love to run round at 100 miles an hour doing massive binkies for good measure. They love their time in the garden and are excellent lawn mowers, it's just a pity they can't trim the edges aswell ... I bought an 8ft tube from and they absolutely love it. They launch themselves into it at 100 miles an hour regardless of the fact that that they can’t see to the other end. Ffion is like a pocket rocket, she loves to race around the pen at top speed and doesn't really care if one of the other two is in her way. Sometimes she just lands on top of them or if they're lucky she'll jump over them. They're really funny when all three of them are running around madly. They gang up on my cat Jenny who I think is a little scared of them. They bound up to her in the garden and chin her, but fortunately she’s very tolerant. When they come into the house they pinch her basket and drink her water. We’ve only had one slight mishap so far – the 3 of them disappeared behind the settee and chewed my telephone charger cable into 4 pieces! They get a selection of vegetables for breakfast and I’ve established that they don’t like baby sweet corn and asparagus. They love green beans, parsnip, carrot, mange tout and sprouts but their absolute favourite is broccoli. Indya likes anything that either of her sisters is already eating. She waits until they’re half way through eating something and then she’ll pinch it and run off with it. Many thank to Fat Fluffs for doing such a great job.


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