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Super Fluffs

Recently we have had a lot of super fluffs handed in. Super fluffs are what we call our angora / angora cross bunnies that are super fluffy hay magnets!

Originally these bunnies were bred for their fur. Angora rabbits produce coats in a variety of colours, from white through tan, gray, and brown to black. Good quality Angora fibre is around 12–16 micrometres in diameter, and can cost as much as $10–16 per ounce (35 to 50 cents/gram). Due to the cost of the fur there has been a lot of issues raised over cruelty regarding the way it is harvested and many companies now do not supply angora clothing.

Angora fur felts (hooks and weaves together) very easily, even on the animal itself which is why they need to be groomed frequently. At Fat Fluffs we groom our long haired rabbits every other day to ensure they remain tangle free. It is a time consuming commitment but also very rewarding as it causes a bond with the bunny and their coats look beautiful when finished .... For about 10minutes if you're lucky.

Usually when the bunnies originally come in they need a bit of a clip first, as you can see from the rabbits in the picture above, as the knots can form very close to the skin and cutting or trying to tease them apart can cause damage to the very fine skin. Once the worst of the knots are out we can groom through the rest and have a good starting point for going forward and keeping on top of the fur.

We have a variety of brushes we use. You have to be careful in choice as too harsh can pull and tear the skin, too soft and you are simply sliding over the top of the fur and not dealing with the denser under fur.

If you own a long haired rabbit and are struggling at times to keep on top of the fur you are not alone. Please do give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you start again if needed, show you the brushes and combs we use and share tips for getting to those hard to reach places!

If you would like to spend some time grooming our bunnies and helping us stay on top of the ones currently with us we would also love to hear from you and really appreciate any time you can spare. Full training will be given and cuddles in lieu of you your time!


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