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SARA & AIMEE Adopted 2010

Adopted by Emily June 2010

Sara and Aimee (now renamed Lola and Lulu) are the first bunnies I've ever owned and its the best thing I've done! When I collected them they were nervous bunnies and their fur wasn't very long as they had had mites which was left untreated by their previous owner. But since then they have been getting stronger and stronger.

Both their fur has now grown, Sara has grew the longest mane. I got a bit nervous when they started humping each other and as they're sisters! I didn't know what was going on, but now I say 'ahhh Lola's (Sara) the boss of the hutch and Lulu's (Aimee) the boss of the run.' I have had them in the house when its raining running around and I lay on the floor and Aimee came and licked my cheek!! Sara hasn't yet licked me but she has taken to nibbling my clothes whenever she gets the chance.

When they are out in their run I could watch them for hours binkying, racing and and throwing their jingle ball around. When i go outside they rush forward to greet me squashing their noses through the bars. They still don't like being picked up and I have a right game trying to get them back in the hutch in the evening. I can touch them when it suits them but that makes it more special when they do actually sit still so I can give them some fuss! They run up to me as if they are saying they want some fuss but when I reach for them they both run off kicking up their back legs. They run marathons around their hutch when its food time. They charge at my cats when they get to close and my cats run of as fast as they can. Both very cheeky bunnies but i wouldn't change them for the world! I love them to bits!


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