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PATCH Adopted 2008

Adopted by Katie July 2008

Miffy (the lop rabbit in the picture) was heartbroken when she lost her hutch buddy Bea. We knew that she needed a new friend to boss about, so I got in touch with Fat Fluffs. I was happy to hear that a single chap had come to the rescue that day. Boo (originally called Patch) sounded perfect, we didn’t even need to see a picture of him.

Two weeks later, Miff and I went to meet him at Vickie’s house. We put the two buns in a run together and it was (almost) love at first sight. Fat Fluffs gave us so many great tips about helping the buns bond, but we didn’t need them! Miff and Boo got on really well without any human interference. Boo is a wonderful bun, he is so friendly, affectionate and full of beans. He loves nothing more than licking me to death, binkying and going berserk across the lawn. He was a bit of a hoover when we first had him; he would eat every scrap of food in sight as fast as he could, leaving Miff wondering what happened to her tea! He is still a real guzzler, but has learnt to leave something for Miffy. Miff is a totally different rabbit now, she is so happy and spritely with Boo. They spend hours snuggling up together and grooming each other. We feel so lucky to have Boo as part of our family, and are really grateful to Fat Fluffs for finding him for us.


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