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NORTON & SUNBEAM Adopted 2011

Adopted by Julie September 2011

We hardly watch the telly since we adopted Norton and Sunbeam! Norton was the shy one initially, but has become the more confident one and has been found wandering around upstairs while Sunbeam prefers the familiarity of the dining room. They love whizzing crazily around the garden at full speed.

They love to lie on the lounge rug in the evenings and scoot happily off to the dining room at bedtime when we say 'bedtime bunnies!' They know they're in for a barley ring at about 8pm when we sit down and put the telly on, and sit there on two legs begging until it's delivered. The best bit is when they come out of the dining room in the mornings to say hello and have a bit of fuss. They really seem glad to see us, maybe it's just for the food though! Thank you so much for our two new family members.

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