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BEEMER Adopted 2008

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Adopted by Abi & Ross March 2008.

At the time we had a bonded foursome of house bunnies and weren’t planning to add more.

But then when Trix was spayed Sienna wouldn’t accept her back into the group, plus Sienna was having real trouble with litter training.

So, after much heartache, Sienna moved to the garden (and settled happily with her husbun Dudley!) and we thought about another bunny to

complete our foursome again.

I couldn’t believe my luck when Beemer was still available and bonding him with Ant, Hoops and Trix was a breeze! Hoops was grooming him within half an hour, and by that evening it was almost as though they’d always been together. And our bunny foursome haven’t looked back since – spending days in their bunny room and evenings around the house with us.

Beemer is such a funny little man! He loves his hay, binkying and playing on the stairs. He is forever making us laugh with his antics – disappearing under the sofa or waggling his tail madly when he’s excited. We’re so lucky to have Beemer as part of our bunny family and love him to bits!


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