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MILLY BOO Adopted 2011

Adopted by Katherine March 2011

We adopted Milly Boo as company for our bunny Poppy after we sadly lost her friend Peanut. The initial bonding was nerve wracking but after reassuring phonecalls from Chloe things soon settled down and they are now inseparable, chasing each other round and snuggling up together for a snooze.

Milly has definitely come out of her shell and loves getting into mischief, her and Poppy take it in turns to be lookout for each other! She spends a lot of time relaxing, sprawled out in her run and in her new lookout spot in a plant pot. She loves racing around and binkying, her favourite game is to run from the top of the garden at full speed and leap through the patio doors running around the table then running straight back out and doing it all again, it's very entertaining to watch. It's lovely to see them both so happy, we'd like to thank Fat Fluffs for all their help and for giving Milly and all the other Fluffs a second chance!


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