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MAX & TINA Adopted 2017

Adopted by Alison August 2017

Just wanted to let you know that Maximus and Jessica (Tina) are fabulous. Jessie is growing in confidence every day. She's very friendly but we're having to be very chilled with her. She likes to watch Max being confident with us and she seems to find that encouraging. She does particularly like being hand fed. And if you

drop whatever she's eating, she just looks up at you like "Are you going to pick that up? I was eating that." I think Max thinks he's her guardian. Everytime we went near them for the first couple of days, he'd stand proudly next to her while she nuzzled into him. And whenever she was scared or shy, he'd run to her and cuddle her.

Since then, he's spent lots of time showing her how to use the bun (cat) flap, how to get onto the other levels and what tunnel goes where. He's so happy to have her around. They absolutely adore each other. They're constantly grooming, cuddling and sharing. Where one is, the other is. They're probably the most loved up pair we've ever had. Thanks so much, as always! xxxx


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