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MAE Adopted 2009

Adopted by Madeline September 2009

After owning my lovely little boy bun for approx 9 months and reading more about bunnies I knew it was only fair to get him a lady bun for company. I soon learnt that rabbits are the most neglected pets and because of this I knew I wanted a rescue rabbit. I got in touch with Fat Fluffs and e-mailed Chloe to make sure they weren’t too far away (I live in Leicester).

Chloe assured me Niko would be fine in the car if we were to take him to Birmingham to be bonded.

I wasn’t too fussed on the type of rabbit we adopted, so Chloe and Abi invited me to an event they were doing at Stoneleigh where there would be plenty of lady buns to meet. I had seen some via the Fat Fluffs website but when I saw the 3 mini-rexes Stella, Flora and Mae I was spoilt for choice, they were all so cute and super, super soft.

I remember seeing Mae (who apparently was quite shy) slowly popping her head out of her play tunnel to collect some dandelion leaves I had picked for her, I was flattered! She really is a darling, so cute and independent, Niko has his hands full but when she’s tired of being “little miss sophisti-bun” they enjoy a nice cuddle and are super cute. She really has helped Niko learn how to play, eat hay and even fruit !! Amazing, she clearly knows the foods to keep her looking great. They both enjoy competitive binkies and as long as you are at her level, Mae will even stretch to a nose rub. :-)

Many thanks to Abi and Chloe who arranged everything, from the initial meeting and the rabbits bonding it really was a great experience, much more professional and heart warming than a pet shop, a huge thanks for allowing us to adopt Mae.


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