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INDUME & SYBIL Adopted 2011

Adopted by the Shaw family May 2011

We adopted Sybil and Charlie (previously called Indume) a few months ago and they settled into their new home very well. They spend a lot of time in the garden, binkying around, mowing the lawn, and racing around the shed! Sybil is constantly munching on the grass and Charlie is usually right behind her.

They are both incredibly nosey and will come and sit on the dust pan when we are trying to clean out the hutch. Sybil also likes to plonk her bottom in the food dish and stick her head under Charlie's chin for a bit of fuss! Charlie makes us laugh with his lovely ears which he sticks out at all angles! He runs like the wind then flakes out under the hutch! There's not much housework been done this Summer in our house as most of the time is spent watching them and their comical antics! We love them very much!


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