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GINGER & GIZMO Adopted 2014

Adopted October 2014

We adopted Ginger and Gizmo in October 2014 and we can honestly say that we are so happy that they are part of our lives. They have free range of most of the garden and shed, but on days where the weather is particularly bad, they can play in their large hutch with attached run. The hutch is opposite the kitchen window, so we can always keep an eye on them.

As time goes on, the garden is being adapted more and more so that there is plenty for these two special buns to keep them occupied. The past twelve months have been spent making the garden more secure and bunny friendly. We have introduced a tunnel system that they love and have cleared shelving in the shed that they like to jump up and sit on. Gizmo particularly likes to come in to the kitchen and play under a shelf in the pantry which is under the stairs. We don’t know what it is he likes so much under there, but he always reappears with dust on his whiskers!

The above photo was taken shortly after we adopted Ginger and Gizmo. They look as though butter wouldn’t melt, but when it comes to food, Ginger will take both her share and Gizmo’s. Geoff and myself spend lots of time in the garden with the buns. There is nothing better than wrapping up and foraging for dandelions and other goodies at the top of the garden for Ginger and Gizmo to munch on. Unfortunately, the top of the garden is not accessible to the buns as it is where we have the vegetable patch and where the car is parked. I don’t know what I dread most; the buns getting sick eating all the veg or one of them chewing through the brake cable on the car! (Gizmo is a devil for chewing). Thank you Fat Fluffs for allowing us to adopt Ginger and Gizmo. They are certainly two very special buns.


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