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FREYA Adopted 2011

Adopted by Karen & James February 2011

Our little boy bunny Dude (the tan coloured bun) needed a wifeybun to keep him company and to get up to mischief with. After looking through tonnes of info on the net for rabbits in need of adoption, I saw Freya on the Fat Fluffs web site. We had to wait a few weeks for the bunnies to meet while Dude recovered from being neutered.

The first meeting wasn't great as Dude tried everything he could to hump poor Freya. Through 'constant reinforcement' on Dude's bad behaviour, Abi managed to initially bond the bunnies. After we got home things started looking good as they were sleeping, eating together and grooming one another. Freya certainly had her paws full as Dude is one Bun who loves his cuddles and nose rubs! He always puts his nose down to say 'attend me!'. Freya is one cute bunny who certainly knows what she wants. She seems obsessed with areas she's not allowed in and Dude tends to be the 'patsy' when caught being naughty. We've ended up with a few chewed wires as a result of their inept ability to teleport behind bunny proofing. I can't be mad at them as they are so gorgeous and look like a couple of Furby's when sitting together. I think they're aware that they get away with it because of their looks. Freya is definitely a Daddy's girl as she loves being cuddled by my partner and sits by his feet when we're outside with them. I'm so pleased to see Dude and Freya so happy. Thank you to Abi & Fat Fluffs for letting us adopt this little sweetheart.

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