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FIDGET Adopted 2011

Adopted by Karen & Nick August 2011

Following the sudden loss of Rolo, one of our gorgeous Nethies earlier this year, hutch-mate Cookie was left feeling lonely and missing his pal. Those hops around the garden just weren't quite the same somehow. We thought about getting a new friend for Cookie and liked the idea of rehoming a

bun, so, after finding Fat Fluffs on a web search, we kept our eyes peeled for a potential partner and following a short holiday, we logged back on and there was Fidget. A grey harlequin, with those lovely lop ears, she looked so cute and we felt straight away that she would be so well suited for Cookie, especially as he too is an harlequin! The team at Fat Fluffs were very thorough in checking that we would be suitable adopters and we were all excited to hear we'd "passed" our home visit. At the very first opportunity, we arranged to visit Fat Fluffs and whilst there were many adorable rabbits waiting for their new chance in life, it was Fidget we came to see. Needless to say, we all fell in love with her easy going, inquisitive nature and were so happy that she didn't mind being fussed and stroked (something our Nethies, by nature, aren't that keen on). Soon afterwards, we collected Fidget and she soon made herself at home. Cookie wasn't too happy at first, but we have previous experience at bonding rabbits , and knew to be patient and take things slowly. It's been nearly two months now and Fidget & Cookie are well and truly a bonded couple, lying together at night, feeding together (and boy do they feed - especially on our home grown veg!) but more importantly, Cookie's now happy to run free, explore and graze in the garden with his new hutch-buddy not too far behind. They seem to take it in turns taking the lead, one day Cookie will follow, the next it's Fidget. We just let them get on with it and laugh at their carefree antics bounding around the garden. Fidget likes company and even follows us around to supervise gardening duties! We all love Fidget and are so pleased we have been able to offer her a new happy home, and Cookie is an attentive companion for his new girlfriend. Thank you Fat Fluffs for giving us the opportunity to adopt our new friend.


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