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ESME Adopted 2019

Adopted by Adam & Rachel November 2019


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your advice for Blue and Esme to let them be out in the conservatory. Once they came home we left it open to see how it went and I don't think we've ever seen Esme so happy. 

We've moved their pen into the conservatory and they have that as their space with lots of their toys to play with. In the day time they can go all over the house and at night when it's cooler we let them stay in there. 

Esme has gotten so much more confident and inquisitive and she's obviously so much happier. I've put a picture of her fast asleep under our dining table and some photos of them together.

Since you guys bonded them please feel free to use them as a success story because they really are such best pals always causing mischief together. 


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