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DUTCHIE Adopted 2007

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Adopted by Kath October 2007.

Rabbits are definitely addictive! I was only supposed to have two, but when I saw Dutchie on Rabbit Rehome I just sort of fell in love.

I was already thinking about getting a shed to give my two girls more space but after I saw Dutchie I just had to have one.

After much mithering by my dad, we were set up ready with a shed with a run attached. After a two hour drive down to Birmingham my girls Chloe and Bella finally met their new man.

Abi and Fat Fluffs were really great with the bonding and gave me loads of advice on taking them home and also some diet advice.

Since we have been back I have e-mailed asking lots of questions and Abi has been really helpful and set my mind at rest. I would definitely recommend a Fat Fluffs bun!


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