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DUNLOP & PIRELLI Adopted 2011

Adopted by Joanna August 2011

Dunlop and Pirelli came home with us the afternoon we returned from holiday (we couldn't wait!). The girls (Jess, Ellie and Rachel) decided to rename them Dandy and Lion to fit in with their fur colour. The bunnies were understandably nervous to start with but have settled in really well. We have attached their hutch and run together with a Runaround tunnel which

they LOVE. We have had loads of entertainment hearing them scuttling backwards and forwards, and seeing their cute noses poking out of the end! The buns are really easy going and love snuggling with each other, though Lion is most definitely in charge when it comes to finding the best spot for sunbathing! Rachel said the day they arrived was the best day of her life, and we already can't imagine life without them! Thanks to all at Fat Fluffs for making it possible.


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