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CLEO Adopted 2010

Adopted by Jon and Carolyn March 2010

I used to live with some humans in Solihull, but my inquisitive nature led me out past the gate and into the wild. Could I find my way home? Not a chance! Anyway, the nice people at Fat Fluffs took me in and not long after I was given a new home in Lichfield and a new name. Originally, I was called Cleo and now I am Daisy!

I live with another bun called Lucy who was very sad after she lost her long term partner early in the year. We have a great big garden to run around (at high speed) with lots of bean plants, raspberry bushes and all sorts of other ornamental plants that my new humans place carefully around the garden for me to nibble. Magnolia petals are my absolute favourite! We also gang up on Basil the cat and chase him around the garden which is also a great pastime.

I am quite settled now and spend many an afternoon keeping Lucy clean and giving plenty of licks and nose rubs to the humans. Lucy and I share our own shed with runways and windows to look out of after lock down in the evenings. I am most definitely a happy bun.

Thanks again to my friends at Fat Fluffs especially Vickie for looking after me and finding me new humans who absolutely love me.


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