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CLEM Adopted 2016

Adopted by Pete & Fiona November 2016

A year ago, in November, we had two rabbits, Bunminster (male lop widower we’d had for 4 years) and Joy (female rex, rescued from being dumped in local woods), who needed to be bonded, so of course we brought them to Fat Fluffs!

For reasons we no longer remember it was decided to bond them with another bun

at the same time and we came home with lionhead Ms Clementine Bundango in the carrier too. Bunminster and Joy quickly became inseparable and for a long while we were worried Clem was being left out, sitting on her own and earning the nickname "Cautious Clem” for her tentative behaviour around her boisterous hutchmates. Then in the spring she had a few altercations with Joy who had demonstrably become the leader of the pack, though it didn’t seem to come from malice. Joy would surprise Clem, who would run, prompting a chase, ending with a bite. Fur flew and there were trips to the vet. For a while we weren’t sure if Clem would stick around, but thanks to calm advice from Adam and Fat Fluffs we stuck it out. And we’re so glad we have! Over the summer our threesome settled down and Joy and Clem are total besties. Joy still rules the roost and Clem is much more sprightly and confident, holding her own in the scrabbles for pellets. It’s a delight watching her fancy face poke around the garden for treats. In the last month Bunminster has started to show his age and is coming in at night, only joining the girls in the shed/run during the day. We don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us so it’s reassuring that whatever happens, Clem and Joy will have each other. You can follow their adventures on Instagram / Twitter at @bunminster Thanks Fat Fluffs for everything!


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