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CHARLIE BROWN and APRIL Adopted 2010

Adopted by Julie July 2010

Thank you to Fat Fluffs who helped me to get two new naughty rabbits back into my home! I was attracted by April first as my previous rabbit had been a dutch and although I wasn't sure about having another she was lovely :) I saw she already had a husbun and looked at Charlie B and again he stole my heart!

I quickly emailed Chloe who was thrilled I was interested but did warn me that Charlie B could be a bit of a naughty bun with a big attitude! I went to see them and fell in love straight away although I still had reservations about Charlie. I thought over it and then decided to take them on. I decided to foster them for a month to see how we got on and they settled in straight away with only 1 casualty in the month. I formally adopted them and they have really settled in they both run to greet me when I go out, we still need to work on getting cuddles from them though. They also have a new friend out of this; my labrador Meg. They have got used to her and she loves them too. They are quite destructive rabbits as Charlie likes to tip all the hay out of the bowl and then throw the bowl around and April like to think she is a JCB and dig rather large holes in a short space of time!! I wouldn't change them for the world now and I know we will eventually get them to trust us totally so there will be plenty of cuddles to be received.


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