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Is your bunny a hard to handle wriggler? Do they hate having their claws trimmed? Or do they just deserve a pamper session? Fat Fluffs is here to help! You can book an appointment with us for one of our bunny spa day packages for help with claw trims, grooming and overall health checks.

This is a great way to get an informal MOT for your bun and keep them looking good. A health check is done by our experienced bunny keeper and includes teeth checks, scent gland cleaning and ear inspections - and you will be given a written-up copy of the health check to take home with you.


1. Claw Trim......£5

2. Claw Trim and Health Check or Grooming (up to ½ hour)......£10

3. Claw Trim, Grooming and Health Check (up to 1 hour)......£15

How to Book:

To book your bunny in then get in touch either by emailing or call/text/whatsapp 07737 218035


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