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BUGSY Adopted 2009

Adopted by Michelle August 2009

When I decided to get Amber a husbun, i really wanted a rescue bun. After pestering Chloe with endless questions, I decided to get a Fat Fluff and went about buying a lovely hutch and run. I originally wanted Tizer but unfortunately he got very poorly and sadly passed away (RIP little man). I went along to the open day and Julia gave me Bugsy (now named Ollie) to

cuddle.......I reserved him there and then! Now, my Amber, an agouti cross, is a fiesty little madam and I was worried that she may not take to having a friend but Vickie (AKA the Bonding Queen) didn't stand any nonsense and worked her magic! Ollie is such a sweet, lovely bun who is always happy to see you and loves running about in the run. He is always making me laugh with his clumsy binkies and with the look on his little puzzled face when Amber races past him, he cannot understand the fact that she can run faster than him! I love watching his right ear wobble when he is eating his dinner. He is such a pellet monster and talented digger - i have his masterpieces all over the lawn already! As for Amber, she is a changed bunny, she now loves her hay, loves to snuggle up to Ollie and seems really happy. The two buns seem to get on very well and I can see the bond is getting stronger all the time. I'm so pleased with them and would like to thank Fat Fluffs, especially Vickie and Chloe for all their friendly advice, help and letting me have Ollie.


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