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BRIAN Adopted 2009

Adopted by Carol May 2009

I thought that I'd better update you on Brian (yes we kept his name). Brian (at the front of the picture) is such a character and he absolutely adores Polly and food!!! I never knew that such a small bunny could eat so much. He loves going into the garden which we jokingly call his "all you can eat buffet" -

he has a motto "if it doesn't move must mean I can eat it" even the cat is fair game if he doesn't move. He has settled into his new life as a house bunny quite well now he has worked out that he doesn't have to sit in his cage all day and night. It has been magical to see the beginnings of his transformation from a rabbit scared of his own shadow to one that now has started to display normal rabbit behavior, like digging, running, binkying and you've guessed it humping ... the latter is a learnt behaviour as he knows that Polly will shower him with kisses to stop him! He still hates being picked up or cuddled as he goes into a mad panic and scrambles up your neck and over your shoulder to escape but it's something we'll perceive with - Rome wasn't built in a day. Thanks for letting Brian become part of our life.


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