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Fun boredom breakers!

A lot of us are getting a bit bored with being stuck at home right now - so it gives us an idea of how bunnies must feel sometimes! A nice way to entertain your buns is by using stimulating enrichment, whether you use toys, treat balls, forage boxes/bags or digging boxes. There are so many great ideas out there and plenty of things you can easily make at home that keep your buns’ brains and bodies active and healthy. 

One of our volunteers was feeling a bit creative today and made some pretty forage pots for the buns in the rescue. She used some old plastic plant pots that had been lying around at home and filled them with orchard grass hay, some forage mix, a few broken up treats, some brown paper for ripping and some dandelions for decoration (and munching!). You can use lots of things you find at home to make enriching toys - such as old toilet rolls filled with nice hay and some forage mix, brown paper bags for forage bags and cardboard boxes to make fun houses or play boxes. Rabbits are intelligent and curious, and love having something to stick their noses in! 

Boredom breakers are often cheap and easy to make at home so definitely worth having a go at to keep you and your buns entertained.


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