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BLAKE, BRIDGET & DALE Adopted 2008

Adopted by Pam and Tony April 2008

At long last I have found the time to take a couple of photos of our treasured friends. Their names are officially Blake, Dale and Bridget but we have given them temporary names of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. They arrived in April from Fat Fluffs and their foster mum Vickie. At present they are all under ASBO's due to their criminal record!

Offences include :- robbery, violence, criminal damage, gluttony and just downright misbehaving! We do however love them dearly. They have the hutch, a run connected to the hutch and a run on the lawn where they prove an efficient lawnmower. At the moment they are warm and snug from the cold weather, the hutch is fitted with double glazing to prevent them getting cold whilst we remain under blankets in the house. All attempts to cover the floor of their abode has proved hopeless, one of them has a taste for lino or anything else we put down. The litter tray is the ball for volleyball; the sides of the runs are for lunch and the hay is transported to wherever they deem it should be. Their hideaway is for rock-climbing and general acrobatics or a possible means of escape, should they find a plank to cover the gap between the hideaway and the top of the run. We believe these three invented mob rule and have no idea where they managed to obtain the machine guns used if dinner is a few minutes late! Please do not be deceived by their calm nature in the photographs, it is merely a front just for the pose. We are in touch with our Solicitors to see if we can claim a substantial amount of compensation for the way we were hoodwinked into providing a refuge for these hooligans!!!!


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