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BENNIE & LUCIE Adopted 2010

Adopted by the Rowland Family Aug 2010

Wow, well what a gorgeous pair of bunnies! I adopted Bennie and Lucie in August 2010 and they have settled in like a dream. Right from the start they have been eating out of my hand and allow me a few nose rubs. Lucie is a right character and definitely wears the trousers in both Bennie's and my relationship haha!

Bennie is still a little shy, but we are getting there. They are both very cheeky, incredibly nosey and full of personality which I hope you can see in the photo that I captured of them. Their most favourite thing in the world is free ranging the garden, I don't think I have ever seen 2 bunnies go so fast whizzing round in circuits, then stopping for a munch of grass or a sneaky nibble of my herbs. They love to binky together, which is very cute but I am amazed that they haven't bumped into anything yet, they really can fling themselves very high! I feel very honoured to have adopted them, they have fitted into our family so well and its as if they have always been here. We look forward to many happy, shared years together.


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