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BARNEY Adopted 2010

Adopted by Kirsty February 2010

Our female lionhead, Nutmeg (on the left of picture) was so lost and lonely when she lost her partner Ruby very suddenly, we knew we need to get her a new playmate. Chloe at Fat Fluffs had bonded Nutmeg & Ruby together for us successfully, so we wanted to help another bunny when looking for a new friend for Nutmeg.

After contacting Chloe and looking on the Fat Fluffs website we saw Barney, the rest is history. When Barney came to us he was so shy and nervous, and wasn’t too sure about us. Nevertheless, he has got braver by the day, and after only a week, it looks like he has been always been here. He runs round the garden and best of all snuggles up to Nutmeg. A big thank you to Chloe and Abi at Fat Fluffs for all the help and advice you gave us!


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