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AIDEN Adopted 2009

Adopted by Debbie September 2009

At 39yr old I got Bella a dwarf lop rabbit, she was speyed but I soon realised she needed company of her own kind. I spotted Aiden on Rabbit Rehome, well I was instantly smitten and knew I could offer him a loving home. I contacted Fat Fluffs and made enquiries. The next time I looked at the site I remember him being 'reserved' but he was for me!

It was such a wonderful feeling and was like a big kid all over again. He made his journey to his new home in Sept 2009, he bonded instantly with Bella and settled into his forever home. He's an inquisitive/confident boy who loves to play and explore his garden, he LOVES his food and veggies, although he will eat and eat and eat if you let him and he has to be first at feed times or I get mugged! Since Sept 2010 I took on another addition, so they all moved into their new home, an 8ft kennel with attached run, and he's now happily part of trio, although he remains the boss! I'm so grateful for Fat Fluffs for allowing me to adopt Aiden, he's a joy to have around and I love him to bits. Thankyou to Vickie for looking after my little man before he came to me. Keep up the fab work at Fat Fluffs!


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