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Age:  4 years
Breed: Domestic
Sex: Female 



Tan domestic, neutered and vaccinated



Ali is not a people bun and she is fussy about her rabbit friends too. She is currently in with the group of Fat Fluffs &, whilst we would love for her to find her own home, we are not willing to take her out unless she is being offered a home with a strong, independent male rabbit who won't be pushed around and a family committed to seeing the bond work as bonding her back in is a difficult prospect being that there is 25 of them. 

She likes to keep her feet on the ground and do her own thing; she is easy enough to handle for her health checks but other than that she prefers not to be fussed with too much. 

Home wanted: One with another bun for company. Ali needs an outdoor home with plenty of space and preferably free range time.

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