What your donation pays for:

£05 - Mite treatment - every bunny that comes through our doors is treated for mites; it is easily picked up and easily treated.

£25 - Combined Myxomatosis & VHD vaccination - we vaccinated every rabbit that comes to Fat Fluffs before rehoming them. Whether they are to be indoor or outdoor buns this vaccine is essential to protect them.

£20 - VHD2 vaccination - we now also vaccinated every rabbit that comes to Fat Fluffs with this second vaccine before rehoming them. Whether they are to be indoor or outdoor buns this vaccine is essential to protect them.

£18 - Dental examination and treatment - one of the most common problems associated with rabbits and bad care is teeth issues so every bun has a dental examination before they leave us.

£15 - 28day EC course - EC can have varying effects on a rabbit and any that show even possible signs of EC are give a precautionary course of treatment for 28days before going to their new home.

£20 - Full health check - a bunny MOT with a qualified vet ensures they are in overall good health; with clear eyes, ears, teeth, heart and everything else ticking over as it should be.

£40 - Male neutering operation - every male rabbit is castrated before leaving Fat Fluffs to ensure good health, encourage sociable behaviour and to ensure no accidents occur in the future.

£55 - Female neutering operation - all female rabbits are spayed before leaving Fat Fluffs; 85% of female rabbits over 5years develop uterine cancer so this op protects, avoids litter and helps socialise.

£50 - EC bloods profile - rabbits that come in with uncertain health problems are sometimes screened for EC and other failings; by taking blood and testing it it can give us an idea of what we are dealing with.

£80 - General Anaesthetic and x-ray - most rabbits need to be anaesthetised before being x-rayed and these can be for a variety of reasons from tooth issues to queries on muscle movement to abscesses.

£100 - Front tooth removal - sadly a regular operation performed by our vets due to inbreeding and lack of proper care rabbits incisors get to the point where they will never meet and eventually have to be removed.


There are always other projects going on and if you would like to know more or donate for any other reason then we would love to hear from you: please email us at team@fatfluffs.com. 


Current other ongoing ventures:

£24 - Sponsor a bun for a year - 



£1000 - Denture machine - We regularly have rabbits in with teeth problems and whilst we cannot deal with the molar problems we could potentially deal with the incisors. A majority of the rabbits that come into Fat Fluffs have their front teeth removed if they are unfixable and then go on to be rehomed but some bunnies like Arnold cannot have them taken out and so end up staying with us as sanctuary bunnies and visiting the vets every 2.5 - 3 weeks. When the front teeth don't meet they grow at an alarming rate and the frequency of vet visits is difficult for us and can be a bit distressing for the rabbits so we are fundraising to buy our own denture machine. We are looking to raise £1000 as these machines are not cheap and in the long term not only cut our bills but the stress to our rabbits as well.

Build a Bunny Barn - Fat Fluffs has completely outgrown their current location and big plans are in the pipeline for moving the bunnies to their own place and giving us the chance to expand and bring down the ever increasing waiting list! If you would like to know more about this, what is going on, how you can be involved or how you can help with fundraising please email chloe@fatfluffs.com

Thank you Chloe


Telephone: 07737 218035. E-mail: team@fatfluffs.com