Age: 5 months

Breed: Brown and white helilop

Sex: Male


Brown and white helilop, neutered and vaccinated



Zoom has been in foster care since he was orphaned at 8weeks, his foster mum says "Zoom by name, Zoom by nature. He loves to run and bounce around given enough space. He enjoys exploring ad will usually find the highest spot he can to perch and see what is going on or to attempt to base jump off!

When he trusts you he will run around your feet or jump on your lap for pellets but will then Zoom off again. Food and exploring take priority over nose rubs and being picked up. He's ok once in your arms but you will have to catch his first! He is very well litter trained although being small he can squeeze into all sorts of places and, like all bunnies, he's a bit of a chewer."

Home wanted:

One with another bun for company. Zoom would be happy as an indoor or outdoor bunny.

Zoom will be available for rehoming from the 22nd June 2020



T: 07737 218035

E: team@fatfluffs.com

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