Age: 2 years

Breed: Black Netherland Dwarf

Sex: Male


Black Netherland Dwarf, neutered and vaccinated



Tristan is a confident and outgoing bunny, he was found in Kenilworth and despite attempting to find his owners we were unsuccessful. His age is a rough guess, he is a young adult male between 18months to 30months old. He has been very hormonal and excitable but we are hoping that, now he has been neutered, he will calm down.


He has bitten in the past and again we hope this will be curbed with the neutering, but, with this history, we are looking for an adult only home for him with someone who is confident in handling rabbits. Tristan is a great character, he loves to bounce around the garden and play out in the pen and has a big personality for such a small bunny.


Home wanted:

One with another bun for company. We think Tristan would be happier in an outdoor home.

Tristan will be available for rehoming from the 22nd June 2020



T: 07737 218035


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