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MARIO, SHINE & JJ Adopted 2009

Adopted by Sally, May and Sept 2009

It’s hard being involved with Fat Fluffs and not becoming smitten with one or two. After 18 months we finally caved in last year and our bunny brood has grown from a loved-up pair to a very friendly five-some! My husband had his heart set on having Rex and, with that in mind, when I spotted a picture of Mario it was a done deal; we were set to double our bunnies.

Initially, Mario was bonded with Sparkle, a beautiful Rex girl, and they were then to be bonded in with our existing pair, Bobby & Bunty. Under the supervision of Vickie Fluff I began the bond. Within the first 24 hours I realised this was not going to be an easy grouping. To cut a long story short, Sparkle was a troubled bunny and although we persevered for a month there was no settling the group together. It was a sad day when the decision had to be taken to return her to HQ but none of the bunnies were happy so it was for the best for all of them. The following day was Fat Fluffs 1st Birthday party at HQ in June. All the rescue bunnies were there, including a group of 4 Rex Siblings of 3-4mths old. Shine, a gorgeous orangey-brown girl, took the eye of husband & he was still determined to get his Rex! After our previous encounter with a feisty female Rex I wondered if we’d be better taking a pair so, in for a penny & all that, we decided to reserve her and her rather sweet-looking brother JJ, a very pretty grey, to take our bunny family to 5.

It was early September by the time Shine & JJ arrived in our care. They had their own quarters for a month as I braced myself for the bond. I was somewhat anxious after the previous group bond experience but I needn’t have worried. When the day came I bundled the 5 into one carrier & descended upon Vickie Fluff for moral support. After a couple of initial minor spats the group quickly settled, so much so that Vickie & I decamped to another room to oversee the bonding of another pair. I felt a lot happier when I returned home that evening and placed them in their bonding crate in the kitchen. In less than a week they were back in their shed. Considering there are 5 of them the bond was plain sailing. When it was the four-some I was bundling them into the carrier 2-3 times a day for a ride in the car for weeks in an attempt to bring calm to the group; not once did I have to do that with these 5. Yes, they’ve had their moments since September but it’s just the everyday squabbling & skirmishing of a bunch of 5 bunnies tussling for tasty morsels & chasing round & round the garden for the lushest piece of lawn (now dwindling rapidly!!). Everybunny is very happy now – Bobby & Bunty are as loved up as ever, the Rexes are incredibly mischievous rampaging about the garden and even our timid, nervous Mario has found his feet engaging in his fair share of food stealing & chasing his pals. They are a fantastic five and we couldn’t be happier to see them happy & healthy. It’s also so good to see that Sparkle has finally found her own happiness as a single house bun. From L-R Bunty, Bobby, Shine, Mario & JJ


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