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Toffiffee Adopted 2010

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Adpoted by Nadine September 2010

The loved-up couple are still doing well, and Toffifee (now Lizzie by the way) is clearly very happy. Managed to catch her doing her first binky here yesterday, followed by three mega-fast laps of the garden (Bingley was a bit stunned and didn't join in, perhaps it seemed like too much effort).

He still tags along after her and tries to hump her, but she still won't let him. They do cuddle together though and sleep as if they're one big ball of fur, so I have no worries there. Lizzie is still a little shy with me, but yesterday she decided it was time to nibble at my jeans and sniff my hair and face whilst I was lying in the garden, so we're definitely making progress. She's also familiarised herself with the play tunnels now, and the excel food seems to work just fine for her. She's eating so much grass it looks like I can sell the lawn mower soon!


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