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JACKIE Adopted 2009

Adopted by Nicky and John May 2009

Pudding is the perfect house bunny-he sits on our lap, licks us and chills out on the rug...but we realised he was lonely when we had to go out for work everyday! That's when we discovered Fat Fluffs; we instantly found Poppet (then named Jackie) and absolutely fell in love with her. After lots of emails, we finally took Pudding to go and meet her.

It wasn't quite love and first sight...there was a lot of chasing over the first couple of weeks but they've finally settled together and now never lie apart-they're always licking each other and binkying together! We've still got quite a way to go to get Poppet as confident as Pudding is but I'm sure we'll do it with time. She already gives us little nose rubs and licks, and she loves sprawling out on the rug too with her husbun!

Fat Fluffs have constantly been there through the whole process-in person, by email, by text and telephone. We have recommended Fat Fluffs to everybody and will continue to do so! Thank you Fat Fluffs for our "kids!


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