Age: 5 months

Breed: Angora X

Sex: Female


Cream angora x, neutered and vaccinated



Maisie is a happy, confident little girl who fits in well with her family group. She is often the first forward and keen to know what is going on and where her next feed is coming from. She enjoys playing out in the garden and loves a good leg stretch.


Home wanted:

One with one of her brothers or another bun for company. Maisie is a very fluffy bunny whose coat will take time and commitment. It isn't looking too challenging at the moment because we had to shave and cut away many of the more aggressive knots. We have in the past chosen to keep angora rabbits handed in to us at the rescue long term due to the amount of work they take but because these rabbits are so young we would love them to have their own forever homes.

We are looking for someone who has had previous experience of looking after long haired rabbits or someone willing to come in and spend some time with them, experiencing the day to day needs of these bunnies before adopting and also willing to commit to a longer term working relationship with us to ensure the maintenance of their coats is managed and we can support in any way needed.

If you are interested in giving Maisie a home please do get in touch and we will be more than happy chat through all her needs with you.



T: 07737 218035


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