Anne - Volunteer


Anne originally came to Fat Fluffs as moral support for her partner Zoe's first volunteering stint but after one day knew she'd be around for a while! We were short staffed on the day Anne came in and as a willing volunteer she was tasked with taking care of our permanent Fat Fluffs. It was love at first meet and every other Saturday since Anne is the one having full conversations with the fluffs and cleaning up their poop.


Anne’s ability to make sense of numbers and manage a complicated spreadsheet did not go unnoticed and alongside her care of the bunnies, she is also now part of the accounting team ensuring the finances of the rescue are kept in good order.

At home Anne has her hands full with all variety of animals - fish, crabs, a snake, tortoises, cats, rats and rabbits. Safe to say she loves caring for animals in all shapes and sizes.