Age: 1 year 6 months

Breed: Uppy Eared

Sex: Male


Agouti uppy eared, neutered and vaccinated



Albert's age is a guesstimate as he was found wandering the streets and handed in to a local vet. He is a fun loving, affectionate and energetic bun, who loves to run the full length of his run and has a lot of energy to expend. He enjoys a nose rub and will come to you to have a fuss and he loves company. If you stroke his nose for long enough he will lie at your feet until you get bored.


Home wanted:

One with another bun for company. Albert will need an outdoor home with lots of space to run and play and with a family who enjoy watching a bun have fun and with a friend who is outgoing and adventurous as well.

Albert will be available for adoption from the 15th June 2020



T: 07737 218035


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