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Age: 2 Years

Breed: Uppy eared

Description: Ginger and white uppy eared. Neutered and vaccinated

Character: Clint is an energetic, young bun. He is very active, loves to get stuck into everything and needs a lot to keep him busy. He enjoys racing around his large garden pen and loves to explore new things. Clint is very intelligent and will need lots of puzzle games to keep him occupied. He does like to dig, so would love to have his own dig box to play in. He can be wary of new people but does have a sweet side. He will happily hop over to greet you, take treats from your hands and is just getting used to more human interaction. Clint has lots of personality, and loves causing mischief. He is such fun to watch out in the garden, he will try to get into everything and loves to sit on top of his wendy house, watching over the rescue.

Home wanted: Clint is looking for a new home with a large shed and garden run. He needs an experienced owner, as he is a strong character. He will need a adult only home. He is looking for a rabbit friend that can understand him, he would like an easy going rabbit friend to show him some love. Clint has been rehomed 3 times previously due to not getting on with children and being too active for the home. This has caused some disruption in his life so would really like to find his forever home with people how can love him for who he is.

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