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Bolt rsvd

Bolt rsvd

Age: 2 Years

Breed: Mini lop

Description: Chocolate mini lop. Neutered and vaccinated.

Character: Bolt has had a troubled past, having been in and out of several different homes, both with us and from his original home. This instability has caused some behavioral problems and we are working with him on these. He has found being around people very stressful and has now learnt that aggression is the only way to deal with unwanted attention. Bolt dislikes being around humans and especially dislikes being picked up. Over time we are hoping that Bolt will learn that humans are not going to hurt him and he will reduce his aggression towards people. However we don't think he will ever truly love human affection. Bolt would love to have another rabbit for company and we are hoping a rabbit friend can help him to settled down and learn how to be a happy bun. Bolt enjoys being out in the garden, having lost of space to hop, run and bounce around. He loves playing with toys and laying in the tunnels. He also loves being up high, jumping up onto the different shelves in his pen. Bolt enjoys lying out on the sun shelf and napping in the warm sunshine. He is an active rabbit that loves new things to explore. Bolt is a special rabbit which deserve a forever home.

Home wanted: Bolt is looking for a home with a confident rabbit owner who will continue to work with him on his issues, have to time and patience to build up a bond. He would need to live in an adult only home and have limited carers to ensure that human interaction is always positive, on his own terms and is able to build up a close bond. He would suit either an indoor or outdoor home with lots of pace, toys and hides. He would also need at least one other rabbit for company.

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